Actief versus passief: wie is de beste met dividend?

Ollie Smith: Now, at the back end of last year Morningstar issued a big report on dividends. So, with another earning season in full swing, it’s worth looking at the impact of the dividend environment on fund strategies. Joining me to do just that are two stars of Morningstar research, Jeffrey Schumacher and Monika Calay, both directors of fund research in our Manager Research team.

Jeffrey, if I could start with you – thanks for joining us – what has really been the story of dividends over the past few years and are investors preferring active or passive strategies?

Jeffrey Schumacher: Yes. So, we really have seen a renaissance for dividend investors after an era that was dominated by growth stocks and dividend stocks were basically undervalued, unpopular and forgotten about. A drastic change in monetary policy since 2022 when central banks started to aggressively hike interest rates to combat rising inflation have put dividend-paying stocks back into the spotlights. So as a…

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